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We serve TRIBESPEOPLE. Blaan, Tagakaolo, Tagbanua, Teduray, T’boli, Manobo, Mandaya, Mangyans and other tribal communities often lack access to resources, education and social services. They suffer from exploitation and unfair trade practices. CCT reaches out to them through livelihood training and job provision, child education, savings programs, and activities that preserve their rich cultural heritage.


We serve MICRO-ENTREPRENEURS who lack sufficient capital and access to credit and savings. We provide them with loans to help build their businesses, and access to life and health insurance, entrepreneurial training, mentoring and business development.


We serve OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS and their families. Overseas Filipino workers comprise our new ministerial outreach. We work to help save overseas Filipino workers from human trafficking, illegal recruitment, oppressive and abusive employment, unfair labor practices and lack of resources through spiritual and physical strengthening and other forms of assistance. We minister to their families by helping them gain financial literacy and showing them how to invest their money.


We serve FISHERFOLK who ply coastal and inland waters, marine processors and sellers. Because they are vulnerable to natural disasters, we join public and private organizations in providing them with relief, rehabilitation and development services, loans for boat and house repair and alternative livelihood.


We serve FARMERS, most of whom work on land they do not own; among them are planters, growers, dryers and harvesters. They receive loans for seed, farm equipment and machines, and land acquisition.


We serve COMMUNITIES-AT-LARGE, particularly individuals and families displaced and destabilized by typhoons, earthquakes, fires, armed conflict and human trafficking. They are ministered to by way of disaster response and livelihood restoration.

Sectors-Factory Worker

We serve FACTORY WORKERS. Factory workers often experience labor unrest, unionism and conflicts in the workplace, wages unresponsive to family needs, lack of safety nets during work slowdown, low market demand and factory closure, lack of social services and insurance coverage, and cycles of indebtedness. CCT provides them with spiritual enrichment programs; adequate income through livelihood and cooperative training, regular employment, credit assistance and job referrals for their families; so

Sectors-Children & Youth

We serve CHILDREN & YOUTH. Orphaned, neglected, abandoned and abused children, street children, out-of-school youth and children of tribal families are housed at our residential schools and given education through the Alternative Learning System, formal kindergarten to grade 12 program and through technical-vocational programs.


We serve FORMER INMATES of the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Puerto Princesa Palawan through our savings program. Later on, in partnership with TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), we started training former Iwahig inmates in masonry and carpentry. To date, we have 25 masonry and carpentry students each, while 10 are undergoing on-the-job training, helping build a new CCT Community Center in Puerto Princesa.

Sectors-Street dwellers

We serve STREET DWELLERS. CCT ministers to homeless individuals and families through street-side feeding and Bible studies, counseling, medical care, provision of temporary shelter, livelihood training and resettlement.

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