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Calamity Response, responding
to the community’s urgent needs

To respond to extreme weather changes brought about by climate change, CCT MBA board of trustees and management deemed it necessary to prepare for calamities that may hit the community partners by setting aside a portion of its 2018 net surplus in a “Calamity Fund” worth P1.6M—forging CCT’s aim to have a first response program by blessing the community with relief goods. Out of MBA’s 2018 net surplus, the IC approved that this surplus
to be used as relief assistance for CCT MBA members stricken by calamities.

The heart of this program is the urgency in responding to needs of the members during the disaster, the ministry had to think of a process that will hasten the relief aid to disaster-affected members of the community. With convergence to CCT Credit Cooperative, the Coop branch in the disaster-affected areas initially provided for the monetary needs for the procurement of relief goods and then MBA will reimburse the Coop branches for the expenses they incurred.

The year 2019 was not easy for CCT MBA’s members nationwide. From major earthquakes in Davao to devastating typhoons in Luzon and the Visayas, the ministry realized that the members are not immune to the effects of climate change.

“The typhoons are getting stronger every year and we need to think of ways to respond readily to the effects these change will have on our members. With our board’s approval to establish a calamity fund and allot a portion of the ministry’s 2018 surplus to the said fund, the ministry was able to reach and help our members during these hard times.” Allan Legaspi, Ministry Peer Servant of CCT MBA explained.

By God’s grace, the relief response was not limited to CCT MBA members only but was extended to every affected member of the community and as if by God’s design, the relief operations became a platform for evangelism and convergence between various CCT Ministries, such as: CCT MBA, CCT Credit Coop, KMI/KMMC, CFI/CMAP, and CCT, Inc. As such, the sharing of God’s Word to the community became evident and those that were reached were
endorsed to CFI churches.

“Sa bawat pisong naitulong
natin sa ating kapwa, lahat
ng yan ay galing sa bawat
miyembro ng CCT MBA.”










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