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CCT MBA’s YAKAP Program and Hospital Income Benefit (HIB),
an answered prayer

Aptly named as YAKAP (the Filipino word for embrace), this program is intended to embrace the Filipino’s need for an adequate health insurance
program and is deemed as an “answered prayer” for the CCT community and the people that it serves.

For the longest time, the ministry prayed for the community partners of CCT to have access to health insurance coverage that will provide them
with the much-needed health care services without compromising their financial stability. But yet issues around access and affordability remain and
are more acute for the low-income families. Many families from the CCT community were struggling financially and because of sudden sickness,
have incurred substantial debt for medication and hospitalization.

Many community partners were stretched financially, they had limited
capacity to absorb unexpected costs due to sickness. Most health
insurance do not change this underlying financial struggles and hardship due to medical debt.

For some time and countless meetings with various Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and third-party insurers/providers of health insurance
programs, CCT MBA was not able to find a health insurance package that the community partners can find affordable and still provide reliable health
insurance protection.

Until MASS-SPECC invited CCT MBA and CCT Credit Cooperative to a meeting in Davao to present “YAKAP” – a health insurance program from
Paramount Care a subsidiary of Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation. This program is exclusively offered to MASS-SPECC. But with
God’s providence, the CCT Credit Coop became an associate member of MASS-SPECC, and this led to the inclusion of CCT MBA members to be
enrolled under this health insurance program.

In the long run, CCT MBA’s YAKAP program will stand up for the low income families, providing health insurance with ease of enrollment, out-ofpocket costs and affordability.

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Hospital Income Benefit (HIB)

With CCT MBA’s Basic Life Insurance Plan (BLIP) providing its’ members with financial support in the form of insurance
benefits during the loss of a love one and the YAKAP taking care of the member’s hospital bills,
the Hospital Income Benefit (HIB), on the other hand, is intended to replace the members’ lost income for everyday day of hospital confinement by giving them a specific sum of money per day of confinement.
This optional product CCT MBA was approved by the Insurance Commission last September 2019 and is planned to be launched by the 2nd quarter of 2020 during the CCT Credit Cooperative’s general assembly.

Premium = P1,000 per year
Benefit = P1,000 per day of confinement up to 15 days in a year

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